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In Memoriam- Lydias Guest Book


Lydia touched a lot of people in her lifetime. She was a great person

with a good heart. The Family would love to hear

your stories and memories of this great woman,

because as long as shes in out hearts, she isnt really gone

. Sign the guest book and share your memories.

Note: Due to spam-bots, please email max29bert@yahoo.com with your sentiments and he will post them post haste.

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Total number of posts in this guestbook: 9

9. Mia Cipriano 11:39:40, 2007-05-15
email  To Bob, Michael, Crista and Max: I always remember your Mom and how she would rejoice in all your accomplishments and sucesses. Lydia was the first person to reach out to me when I arrived in San Antonio and it is because of her friendship, mentoring and selfless sharing of her knowledge that I decided to stay in San Antonio. Frank and I will miss her, but, know that we carry Lydia in our hearts, and as always in our prayers. We love you all and are available anytime you need us, even if it's just to share a memory. God Bless You All, Frank, Mia & Family
8. Daniel & Virginia Banuelos 23:09:28, 2007-05-13
email  We are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers and 
thoughts are with you. Condolences to Nestor, 
Rita and The Barnea Family.
7. Celeste Traub 22:53:51, 2007-05-13
email  Dear Barnea Family, 
I am so sorry for your loss. Lydia was a wonderful, caring person and I am so sorry that I did not get the chance to know her better. Uncle Bob I am sure that Grandma and Grandpa and My mom (Nancy) were all waiting at those pearly gates for her with open arms. The one thing that has brought me peace in my mothers passing was knowing that Everyone was waiting to take her home and the fact that the pain was over for her. Even though the pain of her being gone is still hard on me at times. Just Remember Lydia is watching down on you and is so proud of how Strong everyone is being and she will still know all that happens in all of your lives. I am again so deeply sorry for your loss, she will be greatly missed.
6. Sergio and Maria 18:42:31, 2007-05-13
email  We wanted to say how sorry we were to hear that Lydia had passed away, She will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers. Our condolences to Nester, Rita and The Barnea family.  
5. Lupe and Maria 18:33:27, 2007-05-13
email  We have many memories of Lydia , from going to school together,hanging around on Rose Street at each other's house to graduation day from Hueneme High in 1966.Those were the good old days. Even though miles apart, those memories cannot be erased, and with that in mind we send our deepest condolences to Nester, Rita, & The Barnea family
4. Dr. Starr & Peggy 17:36:04, 2007-05-10
What a lovely tribute to a very special mother!
3. Larry & CarolAnn Sanderson 22:31:13, 2007-05-09
email  Bobby,  
We are so sorry that we never really got to know your Lydia. You know that We believe in prayer & We have been praying for the 2 of you but most especially for Lydia's health. I asked the Lord to take away her pain, & give you both peace in God. 
Well, now we know for an assurity that she has no sadness nor pain. She will be awaiting your arrival at the castle that Christ has buit for you. In Revelations & Thessalonians they tell about the home Christ has prepared for you. The Greek word used for home means Castle, not the humble earthly home we have known here. Can you imagine a home with crystal walls that shine irridecent day & night, floors of polished Jasper, & streets of gold polished so bright that they shine like glass. A garden will be there with a tree in the center that gives 12 types of fruit, a different one each month. The leaves are for healing. She was surely greeted by others wo had gone before.  
We are sure that your parents & Granddad & grandma Kuehl would have been among those at her homecoming.  
Remember that when you have been blessed with a good wife, as Kig Lemuel said in Proverb 31 "she is more precious than jewels." How blessed you were to have had a fine wife, in who you could rest in trusting comfort. 
Love in Christ 
Larry & CarolAnn 
We pray that you & your children will find comfort in that she loved you in true pure love. 
2. Sergio & Margie Oliva 20:33:51, 2007-05-09
email  I will always remember all the good things and good times we had with you Aunt Lydia. You will always be in my heart and mind. I will not forget you . You will be truly missed.Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family
1. Roger Barnea 12:12:37, 2007-05-09
email  homepage I will never forget you mom.
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